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About Myriam

The first two decades of my working life I spent in NGOs supporting less privileged women. In 2007 I co-founded the Hong Kong charity Enrich to empower migrant domestic workers. In 2009, after becoming a mother while growing Enrich I struggled with anxiety; I realised that my contributions to a better world were hampered by the stresses and frustrations within me. 

In 2015, I embarked on a meditation course and started my own practice. The deep peace and wellness I found within myself transformed me. Meditation became a crucial part of each day and I sought all opportunities to learn and practice more. I began enthusiastically leading meditations in my living room with anyone willing to try.

Today I share yoga nidra, heart meditations, sound healing and nature connection to help people heal stress and trauma symptoms and connect back to the peace and love within. I am passionate about sharing these practices because when we come back to our wholeness and wellness, we are in a much better space to live, to parent and to resolve the big issues facing humanity.

The Practices


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is the antidote to the stress of life in today’s world. It is a zero effort practice of surrendering to all that is. Generally practiced lying down, yoga nidra brings you to a state of deep relaxation, allowing body and mind to restore.


Yoga Nidra helps to disengage from thoughts and emotions and release anxiety and anger. It can also improve sleep, release tension and reverse symptoms of trauma and exhaustion. Yoga Nidra provides comfort and greater wellbeing for people going through health challenges and for women experiencing PMS. On a physical health level, practicing Yoga Nidra balances the body and supports the immune system. 

Heart Meditation

Heart opening meditations includes a range of practices such as loving kindness, self-compassion, sending heart energy and awakening joy. These meditations help us connect to our heart, the most powerful healing organ in the body. They focus on developing feelings of goodwill, kindness, and warmth towards others. 

Regular practice has shown to reduce anger, depression, sadness, loneliness and anxiety and increase feelings of love, joy, connection, gratitude and hope. These practices help build resilience and empathy and improve relationships as you come back to living from a place of love.

Sound Healing

Sound healing is a gentle and powerful way to reach places in the body that are otherwise impossible to get to. Tibetan singing bowls bring immediate relaxation to body and mind, helping to disengage from thoughts and come into the present moment.

The vibration produced by singing bowls reaches deep levels of our mind and our brain and all the cells in our body. This creates a sense of awareness with deep relaxation. Sound healing can help release tension and reduce the hold of stress, pain, fatigue, fear and other difficult emotions. Singing bowl vibrations help to bring us to an optimal state for self-awareness and healing. 

Nature Connection

We belong to nature yet most of us spend our days disconnected from the earth and plants. Being in nature helps to ground us, to connect to the bigger picture of life and to come back to our natural state of inner wellness and healing. When yoga nidra and meditation sessions are held outdoors the effect can be multiplied. Nature immersion and mindful walking are important components of retreat offerings. Nature imagery and visualizations are an important part of many of my yoga nidra and meditation sessions, helpful for grounding and connecting to a bigger picture. 


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"It made me more mindful and observant in everyday life. Also the body scanning part of the nidras ‘the right arm, the left arm, the whole body’ made me feel whole. I also enjoyed the sense of community that being part of the group engendered."

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My  Training

My first formal Meditation Teacher Training was with Keshava (Sarvaguna Yoga) in Goa, India in 2016; a two week residential intensive, and an experience that left me flying in clouds. That same year I trained as an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practitioner in Hong Kong, giving me a greater understanding of the hold and release of emotions in the body. In 2017 I took this further with the six week (online) Power of Self Compassion course with Kirsten Neff and Christopher Germer. I floated through my first week long Yoga Nidra Teacher Training in Goa with Meera Acharya at Diva Yoga.

In the summer of 2018 I completed the Total Yoga Nidra Teacher Training in Stroud, England; fully experiencing the transformative power of yoga nidra. Here I discovered the power of music, poetry and sound which I began incorporating in my nidras. I continued my sound healing journey with a teacher training using Tibetan singing bowls with Shiva Girish in Goa

Wanting to learn more about therapeutic uses of these practices I studied Richard Miller's irest techniques and  joined Molly Birkholm's residential teacher training on the use of yoga and yoga nidra for transforming stress and trauma at Shivananda Ashram in Austria in 2019. Little did I know how crucial these tools would be for 2020.

In 2021 in Hong Kong I was fortunate to train with Mona Choi in 1-1 and small group Sound Healing and to complete a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Sudevi Sundari of Yoga Paramgati. Building on my experiences of offering sessions in nature and leading nature immersion sessions on retreat, in 2022 I took a course in  Deep Ecology with Stephan Harding and have embraced opportunities to learn about forest bathing in Switzerland. 

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