Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra network

Hundreds of free nidras to download in several languages including recordings by nidra master teachers Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli. For a fee online courses on yoga nidra including one for sleep and an online teacher training. 


Free and for a fee irest yoga nidra recordings and resources in Richard Millar's style of irest yoga nidra.

Molly Birkholm 


Yoga Nidra recordings with relaxing music on pain, trauma, daily living and sleep and two online yoga nidra courses that you can download for a fee. 

Phillippe Beer Gabel

Large selection of free of charge yoga nidra recordings in French and English with beautiful music by this yoga nidra teacher & musician.



Kristen Neff

Freely downloadable meditations and resources on self-compassion by Kristen Neff (female voice).

Christopher Germer

Freely downloadable meditations and resources on self-compassion and loving kindness by Chris Germer (male voice).

Tara Brach 

Large range of freely downloadable meditations on many topics including loving kindness, compassion and gratitude. For a fee meditation courses.

Peter Russell

By donation accessible five-week meditation course.

Mindfulness Meditations

Freely downloadable mindfulness meditations including breath meditations, body scans and sitting meditations


Heart Energy Music

Gentle Heart Opening Music

A selection of gentle songs to open the heart and awaken self-compassion and peace. 

Uplifting Dance Music

More dynamic uplifting heart songs to dance to. Put the music on, close your eyes and let your body lead you!