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Take what makes you angry about the world and flip it around and ask, 'What would I rather see instead?' Become a love activist for that. Stand strong in love.

Anita Moorjani

"Bathing in Love"

"Myriam Bartu"

Bathing in Love

Myriam Bartu

Hello, and welcome!

Our world has been changing rapidly. Now more than ever it is challenging - and crucial - to tune out of the collective field of stress, fear and anger to rest and come back to our natural state of love, peace and wisdom. 

Yoga Nidra, Heart Meditation and Sound Healing with Tibetan singing bowls are practices that bring you out of your busy mind and into the warmth of your tender heart. My mission is to make these powerful healing practices accessible to everyone. 

I offer Yoga Nidra sessions online and in person and organize retreats for people to take the space and time to tune in and restore.   

I share a Yoga Nidra Journey and a Heart Meditation Journey to support you to enhance your self-care practice to create more calm and wellness in your life. 

Bathing in Love is a place to explore practices, teachings, music, documentaries and books from wise human beings supporting us to come back to living from the heart and contribute towards creating a cleaner, more compassionate world.  


May we slow down, rest, and tune in.

May we connect back to our peace, wisdom and love.

May we journey together towards a kinder world.

With love,


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