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Journeys are a series of sessions shared in a supportive group with a strong emphasis on encouraging you to start or strengthen your own practice. Journeys are shared online or in person. 

Journey Within


The way out is within. A five-session meditative journey supporting you to reduce the hold of stress, tension and trauma with yoga nidra relaxation, nourishing movement, and breathing practices. We go through the metaphorical layers of the body, exploring physical body, breath, emotions, thoughts, heart energy and awareness. 


The Journey Within supports participants to establish their own practice to restore relaxation, calm and well being. Participants receive a yoga nidra recording each week as well as short teachings. and regular reminders to encourage self-practice. 

Heart Journey

This is a five-week supportive exploration of heart energy practices with meditation, yoga nidra, affirmations and embodied movement. We share practices that open up the heart to release negative emotions and increase feelings of wellbeing, connection and joy.


Participants join a small friendly supportive group and receive yoga nidra and meditation recordings, simple summaries of teachings, links for further discovery and regular reminders to encourage self-practice. Practices include loving-kindness, self-compassion, self-love, loving release and gratitude.


 Empowerment Journey 

A five session women's empowerment journey. We reconnect deeply to our womb space as a force of creativity and vitality. We share our lived experiences of cyclical living returning us to our deepest power and wisdom. We explore the seasons of our life and the female superpowers of menstruation, motherhood and menopause. We heal and uplift ourselves by listening to each other in a safe and supportive space. This journey is based on Uma Dinsmore Tuli's Yoni Shakti Yoga Therapy for Women's Health.

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