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 January-June 2023 Schedule

Weekly in Person Yoga Nidra with Sound Healing in Zurich

Please book your spot here:

These sessions offer a great introduction to yoga nidra and sound healing. We start with some mindful movement and breathing to come back into the body. lie down comfortably and be guided through a yoga nidra as you float away into deep relaxation. Tibetan singing bowls and the thumb piano often accompany these sessions bringing deeper restoration. These sessions help release tension, stress and anxiety and promote better sleep, taking you back to feeling calm, safe and well in body and mind. 


Weekly in person Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing in Thalwil

Please message me to register on 078 246 5091 or


Yoga Nidra & Sounding Healing Evenings in Zurich 

Please book your spot online here: or message Myriam. 


One to One / Private Group Sound Healing...on request

Private groups and 1-1 sessions offered in Zurich and Thalwil


Retreats: New Year Community Retreat January 2023
Hong Kong

Please register here for this retreat:

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