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Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing Group Sessions

We start with some mindful movement and breathing to come back into the body. Participants lie down comfortably and are guided through a yoga nidra as they float away into deep relaxation. 


Tibetan singing bowls may accompany these sessions bringing deeper restoration. These sessions help release tension, stress and anxiety and promote better sleep, taking you back to feeling calm, safe and well in body and mind.

Sessions are offered in person in studios in Zurich and Thalwil, in nature and on Zoom. See Whats On for details on what has been scheduled.


One to One or Private Group Tibetan Sound Healing Meditation


You will be guided to lay down, positioned between the singing bowls which will be played softly according to a special sequence. As the bowls vibrate, they send sound waves throughout the body, harmonizing cells, engaging the relaxation reflex and slowing down breath, brain and heart rates inducing a deep meditative state of self healing. These sessions help to balance energy centres, and reduce symptoms of to stress and trauma. Participants may leave a singing bowls meditation, with a greater sense of clarity, self awareness and purpose. 

Sessions can be arranged in Zurich and Thalwil,


Half Day, One Day or Multi-Day Retreats


Time away from our daily routines where we can let go of our concerns and come together to practice can be more beneficial than a simple one hour studio session. Going on retreat gives us space and time to restore ourselves and re-frame our lives. Retreats are a beautiful opportunity to connect more deeply to ourselves and to others. Retreats are held in or near nature and sometimes co-created with other facilitators such that participants can enjoy a broader range of complimentary practices. 

Courses and Workshops


Nidra Journey 

This is a five-session meditative journey to reduce the hold of stress, anxiety and trauma with yoga nidra relaxation. We go through the metaphorical layers of the body, exploring physical body, breath, emotions, thoughts, heart energy and awareness. 


The Nidra Journey provides support and tools for participants to establish their own practice to release tension and restore well being. Participants join a weekly in person or Zoom session and receive a yoga nidra recording each week as well as short teachings. and regular reminders to encourage self-practice. 


Heart Journey 

This is a six-week supportive exploration of heart energy practices with meditation, yoga nidra, affirmations and embodied movement. We share practices that open up the heart to release negative emotions and increase feelings of wellbeing, connection and joy.


Participants join a small friendly supportive group and receive yoga nidra and meditation recordings, simple summaries of teachings, links for further discovery and regular reminders to encourage self-practice. Practices include loving-kindness, self-compassion, self-love, loving release and gratitude.


Yoga Nidra Workshop

This two or three hour workshop introduces participants to experience different yoga nidra practices to release stress and tension and come back to peace and calm.  We go on to explore the science, philosophy and therapeutic use of yoga nidra. Participants are guided to create a personalised intention and gain tools to begin their own yoga nidra self-practice for well-being.


The longer version of this workshop, created as part of a yoga teacher training includes interactive exercises to learn about the sequencing and ingredients of yoga nidra practices. 


You are welcome to pay what you feel you can – for those that have access to higher incomes, your contributions are warmly welcome and for those that don’t, your presence is more than enough.

As a guideline for a suggested market rate contribution, in person group sessions in Zurich are generally priced at 30chf an hour and 100chf for a private session

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