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Nourishing Yoga 

Yoga to bring us back into our bodies and ground us into the present. Gentle gestures and postures to liberate the flow of energy, release blockages, and joyfully reconnect with naturally arising wisdom, wellness and vitality. Yoga taught in a way that is comfortable, delicious and adapted. Everything is invitational and participants are encouraged to listen to the body and follow their own pace and cycle. 

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is the antidote to the stress of life in today’s world. It is a zero effort practice of surrendering to all that is. Generally practiced lying down, yoga nidra brings you to a state of deep relaxation, allowing body and mind to restore.

Yoga Nidra helps to disengage from thoughts and emotions and release anxiety and anger. It can also improve sleep, release tension and reverse symptoms of trauma and exhaustion. Yoga Nidra provides comfort and greater wellbeing for people going through health challenges, and for women experiencing PMS, pregnancy and post natal recovery, and perimenopause / menopause. On a physical health level, practicing Yoga Nidra balances the body and supports the immune system. 

Sound Healing

Sound healing is a gentle and powerful way to reach places in the body that are otherwise impossible to get to. Tibetan singing bowls bring immediate relaxation to body and mind, helping to disengage from thoughts and come into the present moment.

The vibration produced by singing bowls reaches deep levels of our mind and our brain and all the cells in our body. This creates a sense of awareness with deep relaxation. Sound healing can help release tension and reduce the hold of stress, pain, fatigue, fear and other difficult emotions. Singing bowl vibrations help to bring us to an optimal state for self-awareness and healing. 

Heart Meditation

Heart opening meditations includes a range of practices such as loving kindness, self-compassion, sending heart energy and awakening joy. These meditations help us connect to our heart, the most powerful healing organ in the body. They focus on developing feelings of goodwill, kindness, and warmth towards others. 

Regular practice has shown to reduce anger, depression, sadness, loneliness and anxiety and increase feelings of love, joy, connection, gratitude and hope. These practices help build resilience and empathy and improve relationships as you come back to living from a place of love.

Nature Connection

We belong to nature yet most of us spend our days disconnected from the non human world. Being in nature helps to re-balance, to connect to the bigger picture of life and to come back to our natural state peace and wellness. When yoga nidra and meditation sessions are held outdoors the effect is multiplied. Nature immersion and mindful walking are important components of my retreat offerings. Nature imagery and visualizations are an important part of many of my yoga nidra and meditation sessions, helpful for grounding and connecting to a bigger picture. 




"It made me more mindful and observant in everyday life. Also the body scanning part of the nidras ‘the right arm, the left arm, the whole body’ made me feel whole. I also enjoyed the sense of community that being part of the group engendered."



Journey Home

This is a three session introductory yoga nidra journey to experience coming back to the calm under all the noise. We explore using  body and breath awareness to ground ourselves. We practice coming from the busy mind into the heart space from where we can live with more peace and ease. We learn how to use yoga nidra to release unhelpful thinking and emotional patterns and support positive changes in our life with a sankalpa (an intention). Participants will receive yoga nidra recordings of all sessions including any sessions missed to practice with at home for a more sustained impact on wellbeing. 


Journey Within

The way out is within. A five-session meditative journey supporting you to reduce the hold of stress, tension and trauma with yoga nidra relaxation, nourishing movement, and breathing practices. We go through the metaphorical layers of the body, exploring physical body, breath, emotions, thoughts, heart energy and awareness. 


The Journey Within supports participants to establish their own practice to restore relaxation, calm and well being. Participants receive a yoga nidra recording each week as well as short teachings. and regular reminders to encourage self-practice. 


Heart Journey 

This is a six-week supportive exploration of heart energy practices with meditation, yoga nidra, affirmations and embodied movement. We share practices that open up the heart to release negative emotions and increase feelings of wellbeing, connection and joy.


Participants join a small friendly supportive group and receive yoga nidra and meditation recordings, simple summaries of teachings, links for further discovery and regular reminders to encourage self-practice. Practices include loving-kindness, self-compassion, self-love, loving release and gratitude.


Yoga Nidra Workshop and Teacher Training

This two hour workshop introduces participants to experience different yoga nidra practices to release stress and tension and come back to peace and calm.  We go on to explore the science, philosophy and therapeutic use of yoga nidra. Participants are guided to create a personalised intention and gain tools to begin their own yoga nidra self-practice for well-being.


An extended version of this workshop is offered as a yoga nidra teacher training and includes interactive exercises to learn about the sequencing and ingredients of yoga nidra practices. 

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