Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing

These sessions offer a great introduction to yoga nidra and sound healing. We start with some mindful movement and breathing to come back into the body. Participants then lie down comfortably and are guided through a yoga nidra as they float away into deep relaxation. 


Tibetan singing bowls and the thumb piano often accompany these sessions bringing deeper restoration. These sessions help release tension, stress and anxiety and promote better sleep, taking you back to feeling calm, safe and well in body and mind.

Sessions are offered in person in studios and in nature and on Zoom. 

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Message Myriam to join a session or find out more.  

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Nidra Journey 

This is a five-session meditative journey to reduce the hold of stress, anxiety and trauma with yoga nidra restoration and relaxation. We go through the koshas, the metaphorical layers of the body week by week. Exploring body, breath, emotions, thoughts, heart energy and awareness. 


The Nidra Journey provides support and tools for participants to establish their own practice to release tension and restore well being. Participants join a weekly Zoom session, a supportive WhatsApp group and receive a yoga nidra recording each week to practice with as well as short teachings. and regular reminders to encourage self-practice. 

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The next online Nidra Journey starts on March 9th, 2022.

8-9pm in Hong Kong, 1pm in London, 2pm in Zurich.

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"It made me more mindful and observant in everyday life. Also the body scanning part of the nidras ‘the right arm, the left arm, the whole body’ made me feel whole. I also enjoyed the sense of community that being part of the group engendered."

Heart Journey 

This is a six-week supportive exploration of heart energy practices with meditation, yoga nidra, affirmations and embodied movement. We share practices that open up the heart to release negative emotions and increase feelings of wellbeing, connection and joy.


Participants join a small friendly supportive group and receive yoga nidra and meditation recordings, simple summaries of teachings, links for further discovery and regular reminders to encourage self-practice.


Practices include loving-kindness, self-compassion, self-love, loving release and gratitude.


The next Heart Journey starts on May 9th, 2022 online. 

Mondays 5pm in Hong Kong, 11am in Zurich, 10am in London

Contact Myriam if you would like to join the Heart Journey.



You are welcome to pay what you feel you can – for those that have access to higher incomes, your contributions are warmly welcome and for those that don’t, your presence is more than enough.

You can find more of Myriam's yoga nidra and meditation recordings on her YouTube channel.

Downloadable recordings of Myriam's yoga nidras are freely available at the Yoga Nidra Network