Yoga Nidra Recordings
by Myriam

A yoga nidra practice with Myriam to guide you back to the peace, love and wisdom within you. This yoga nidra was created for Hong Kong in February 2020 in response to the fear around the first wave of Coronavirus in the city. 

Length: 20 minutes

  Yoga Nidra for Hong Kong

This Yoga nidra with Myriam is accessible to beginners, brings you to a place of deep relaxation. You are taken to the stillness of a beautiful mountain lake helping you connect to the peace in your heart.

Length: 20 minutes

Inner Peace Yoga Nidra 2020

This body sensing yoga nidra with Myriam is intended to ground and calm you. A good yoga nidra practice for beginners this is the first practice in the Yoga Nidra Journey. A good practice to come back to when feeling stressed or overwhelmed. 

Length: 21 minutes

Body Sensing Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra Recordings
by Myriam's Teachers

SimplyCalm by Nirlipta yoganidra
00:00 / 18:56

This traditional Satyananda style nidra with Nirlipta's deep calming male voice is a wonderful one to go to for grounding and restoring. Freely downloadable from the Yoga Nidra Network

Length: 19 minutes

Simply Calm by Nirlipta Tuli

This beautiful nidra was created to support a connection to loving integrity and trust, It includes the metaphor of the 'pot in the ocean': fully integrated with what is, inside and out. Peaceful yet energising. Freely downloadable from the Yoga Nidra Network. 

Length: 20 minutes

By Uma Dinsmore-Tuli


irest Nidra by Molly Birkholm

This powerful yoga nidra is created to resolve stress and trauma. It is led by Molly Birkholm from irest, a modern American application of yoga nidra. The recording is accompanied by relaxing music. This and more recordings can be downloaded for a fee from Mollys' website

Length: 17 minutes

iRest Healing Nidra by Molly BirkholmMolly Birkholm
00:00 / 17:42
TYN for CHILDREN- Cover.jpg
Children sleep nidra by Uma Queen of the
00:00 / 15:15

Queen of the Moon by Uma Dinsmore Tuli  *For Children*

This is a magical story centred "lullaby" nidra to help children fall asleep feeling safe and happy. Works magic at bedtime. 

Length: 15 minutes


Calming grounding yoga nidra designed to help adults with insomnia to fall asleep. You won't be woken up at the end of this nidra. ​To prepare for a better night's sleep, do practice yoga nidra in the daytime as well. 

Length: 33 minutes

Sleep Well Yoga Nidra by Nirlipta Tuli


A full yoga nidra practice by the founder of irest, Richard Miller. A beautiful longer nidra practice supporting for resolving stress and coming back to wholeness. 

Length: 35 minutes

Full irest yoga nidra by Richard Miller

Heart Meditation Recordings

A gentle Loving Kindness Meditation with Myriam to send love to yourself, to a loved one and to all beings. Length: 9 minutes 

Loving Kindness Meditation 

with Myriam Bartu

A powerful heart energy meditation where you send love out to someone you love.

Length: 10 minutes

Sending Heart Energy
with Gabriel Gonsalves

An uplifting heart energy meditation to expand your light and bring healing and strength to yourself. 

Length: 32 minutes

Global Meditation

with Anita Moorjani

For more yoga nidras & meditations by Myriam and other teachers please see Myriam's YouTube.

For ad free downloadable yoga nidra recordings by Myriam and other teachers see the Yoga Nidra Network

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